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Chocolate Coconut bar

clivki (20% fat) — 200 ml coconut — 200 g Chocolate milk — 300g sugar — 85 g butter — 50 g Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l.

Cake "ladies fingers"

This recipe is carefully stored on the first sheet notebooks yellowed by time. And we have always baked in the New Year. There was nothing more festive for me than this snowy hill. From this recipe in our family we took already no one remembers. Quick and easy to prepare, stunning delicate flavor. Ingredients: For […]

Fish Sicilian

Ingredients: large fish (eg pike) lemon onion potatoes squash fresh mushrooms olive oil

Strawberry desert?

Ingredients: Strawberry — 300g Powdered sugar — 30 g Jelly — 1 package Cottage cheese — 300 g Sugar — 2 tbsp. l. Sour cream — 3 tbsp. l. Easy Water — 100 ml Gelatin — 10 g

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