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Potatoes, stewed with meat

Potatoes, stewed with meat   You will need: Beef — 400-600 gr Peeled potatoes — 1 kg (number does not matter). Better to take the potato variety, which has boiled soft property, ie, crumbly) 1 onion 1 carrot 1 hour. The flour l 1 ripe pomidorina or 1 hr. Liter volume. pasta (can not both)

Soup with potato dumplings

Soup with potato dumplings Ingredients: ● 1 liter chicken stock; ● 1 carrot; ● half a celery root; ● 1 boiled potatoes; ● 2 tomatoes; ● 3 cloves of garlic; ● flour; ● salt and pepper;

Cucumber with meat in Korean

Cucumber with meat in Korean Tasty snacks, happy right combination of meat and vegetables, a dish like everyone who has already applied to it :). We need: 2 long, thin cucumber 400 gr. (Or slightly less) of beef 1 medium onion 1 sweet red pepper 2 cloves garlic

Banana Tatin.

Banana Tatin. In preparing this Tatin already countless times and always with a bang! At this time I did not in round shape, as usual, but in keksovoy, high. This proved to be very convenient. First, in high form in the caramel has no chance to emerge and then unpleasant burning at the bottom of […]

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