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Cottage cheese rolls.

About 167ккал/100g You will need: 200 grams of cottage cheese 0% 1 tbsp of powdered sugar (without top) 1 tbsp sour cream 50 grams of dark chocolate (for filing) 10 dried dates

Chicken in Mexican style

I’d like to surprise strange people with unusual and delicious food. The girlfriend suggested a recipe for a chicken in Mexican. In this dish, tomatoes, corn and chili are perfectly matched, besides these ingredients perfectly match the fried chicken. I recommend everyone to cook the most delicious chicken. Take the chicken thighs and fry them […]

Candy cottage cheese

  Ingredients: Cottage cheese ( 9 % ) — 300 g Nuts – 50 grams Cookies 150 g Sugar, vanilla sugar to taste, you can add cocoa Chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, poppy for obvalivanie Preparation:

Meat in the test — Pork in Bavarian — delicious!

  For 6 servings: 3 onions 2 carrots 3 carnations 1 tsp. Black peppercorns 800 g of pork pulp 300 g frozen puff pastry 3 slices of white bread

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