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  Ingredients: ● 200 g cookies (dry) ● 90 g butter creamy ● 150 g cottage cheese (home-made) ● 150 g strawberries

Express meat

  According to this recipe, you can cook any meat in 5 minutes! It will be tasty, juicy! The whole secret is in the casting … And on the side dish, I offer vegetables fried in Chinese! Madly delicious! You will need: Meat 500.0 g Egg of chicken Mustard 1.0 tbsp. Potato starch 0.5 tbsp. […]

Cake «Something incredible»

  Ingredients: Eggs of chicken — 4 pcs. Sugar powder — 1 tbsp. Milk — 2/3 tbsp. Butter — 4 tbsp. L. Flour — 1.5 tbsp. Corn flour — 2 tbsp. L.

Strawberries with sauce — well, very tasty!

Ingredients Strawberries — 300 g Egg yolks — 5 pcs. Of sweet white wine — 100 ml Sugar — 140 g Mint leaves — for decoration Strawberries are washed, cleaned and well dried on paper towels. Cut each berry into quarters and spread it over wide glasses or kremanki. Whisk the yolks with a whisk, […]

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