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Cottage cheese casserole with fruit (weight loss)

on 100gramm – 127.45 kcal B / M / Y – 22.27 / 1.27 / 6.87 Ingredients: Fat cottage cheese – 500 g Natural Yogurt – 5 Art. l Semolina – 2 tbsp. l Eggs – 2 pcs Fruits – to taste (we have orange and kiwi)

Fresh carrot juice with tangerine (weight loss)

  Ingredients Carrots -150 g Mandarin -2 pcs cooking Carrots are clean, wash and narezat.Propustit carrots through sokovyzhimalku.Iz mandarin squeeze the juice can with pulp.

Baked cheese and carrots (weight loss)

on 100gramm – 87.92 kcal, B / M / Y – 11.66 / 2.48 / 4.78 Ingredients: Carrots 100g Low-fat cottage cheese 200g Egg 1 pc Kefir 0% 30 ml 3 Table Sweetener Vanilla and cinnamon to taste

Vitamin smoothies for weight loss

This smoothie is very easy and useful: ginger and mint improve digestion, promote weight loss, but also have healing properties. Mango contains a lot of fiber and carotene, which makes it indispensable in the fight against excess weight and banana in this magical cocktail smoothes zest of ginger.

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