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  From yesterday’s cooking the pie I was left with two proteins, and frozen stray piece of minced fish. And suddenly these forgotten ingredients merged into a great tandem! Very tasty and healthy dish

American pancake

Ingredients: Flour – 200 gr. Sugar – 2 tbsp Soda – 1.5 tsp. Citric acid – 0,25 tsp. Salt – 0.5 tsp. Egg – 1 PC. Milk – 200 ml. Olive oil – 3 tbsp Preparation:

Buns with condensed milk

And the filling can be jam, and Varenka, nuts+sugar cheese. Ingredients 1)egg-5 PCs. 2)margarine 1 pack. 3)milk 05 lit. 4)sugar half a Cup. 5)yeast 1tbsp spoon. 6)flour how much 7)vegetable oil 100 gr. 8)egg, for lubrication 1 PC. 8)sesame seeds for topping .

Recipe vegetable rye tortillas – An excellent dietary treat

  The whole process of cooking, together with pastries is just 20 min, of your time – 5 minutes. These delicious cakes are all good. Help as a snack during the day. Perfectly combined with cheese and vegetables. If necessary, stored for a long time, not cherstveya. They are slightly sweet, but without sugar! And […]

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