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Sausage in pita bread

Today we will share with you a step-by-step recipe for making salad “Sausage in Pita”. This should be tried. Products. Sausages peeled and pricked with a fork so that they do not burst when heated. Cut lavash into the size of sausages. (I used fine Georgian lavash). Lay the layer of mashed potatoes on the […]

5 recipes of ideal dietetic casseroles for all occasions!(weight loss)- For a thin waist

Do not know what to do – cook the casserole! Save yourself! 1. Vegetable casserole Per 100gram – 70.15 kcal B / W / Y – 2.45 / 4.92 / 4.15 Ingredients: A small aubergine – 2 pcs. Average tomato – 2 pcs. Garlic – 1 tooth Suluguni cheese – 50 gr

Slices of ham and mozzarella

  Ingredients: -fastly soluble yeast (one sachet) 8 g Light (finely chopped) 1/2 cup -water 6 glasses Brown sugar 2 tbsp. L. -milk (warm) 1 glass -mozzarella (finely chopped) 1/2 cup -mook 3 cups -Sea 4 tsp.

Sweet rolls of pancakes

  Ingredients: Ready-made pancakes – 7 pcs. Cream cheese – 150 g Sugar powder – 2 tbsp. L. Any fruit – to taste Preparation:

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