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A light salad

  Ingredients: · 2-3 chicken breast · 1 small jar of canned pineapples · 1 head of lettuce “iceberg” · mayonnaise Preparation:

What useful nuts

  Nuts are more than a full-fledged product, in concentrated form contains a lot of minerals, beneficial oils, antioxidants. • Peanuts • The peanut is not a nut but a legume. Energy value(kcal per 100 grams): 610 – a rich source of protein, vegetable oils, folic acid, amino acids, and vitamins A, D, E, K, […]

Smoothie with mango and green tea – Super-delicate for a thin waist

  Ingredients 300 ml freshly brewed and cooled green tea 1 diced mango 2 medium-sized ripe banana

The correct cheese cake for breakfast: no flour! – lose weight delicious!

  Ingredients: • 240 g of low-fat cottage cheese (not crumbly) • 50 g eggs (1 piece) • 30 grams of ground oat flakes • 10 g of coconut chips • Stevia and vanillin at will.

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