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Turkish cake «Shanti»

  Shanti cream is dry cream, and in my opinion, vegetable. It is from such a cream made mostly all cakes in Turkey … The cream is not bad, but it gets tired quickly … Prepare the cream: Cook it simply, 200 g of milk pour into a bowl Pour out the powder (Shanti Cream) […]

Biscuit creamy cake

  I beat 750 grams of cream with two yoghurts and added gelatin. Yogurt took with a taste of caramel, a taste of souffle delicious turned out! She baked a biscuit and cut it in half. One half cut into sticks. In a split form, I put one half of the biscuit Has poured 1/3 […]


  Ingredients: For the dough: — 140 g of wheat flour — 140 g sugar 4 PCs chicken eggs 1 p. of baking powder (10 g)

Scones with dried fruit is a delicious vegetable cakes

  These flaky scones with dried fruit will surely enjoy your children. Cooking them is very easy, especially if to take ready-made puff pastry. The recipe lean yeast dough for a vegetarian menu, but if you want, you can take and yeast-free. The main thing in cooking these delicious rolls is to wait for them […]

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