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Fruit and vegetable smoothies — Tasty and healthy!

Smoothies — this is another direction in which we use the blender very actively. We do them almost every day, and constantly experiment with the ingredients. In fact, we mix what at the moment there are houses from vegetables and fruits, add water and voila — delicious and useful smoothies are ready! Here, for example, […]


  I recommend you in the season of sea-buckthorn berries to make a delicious and healthy drink! Sea buckthorn — 0.5 kg, Water — 1 l Sugar or honey, Starch — 5 tbsp or spoon more.

Smoothies of kiwi

  Ingredients: Kiwi — 4 PCs. Natural yogurt — 250 g Freshly squeezed orange juice (1 large orange) — ½ Cup Honey — 1 tbsp Ice — 1 Cup Preparation:

Tangerine smoothie — tasty and very healthy!

  Ingredients: Mandarin — 2 pieces Frozen banana — 1 PC. Milk — 1 Cup   Yogurt — 1/3 Cup Honey — 1 tsp . Vanilla — to taste Preparation:

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