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Beans with tomatoes and chorizo

  You will need: Bank of canned beans 1 200g chorizo 1 onion 2 cloves garlic 1 can of canned tomatoes 1 h. L. brown sugar 4 eggs 50 g parmesan 2 tbsp. l. olive oil salt greenery

Grandma's pies with green onions and egg

These are the cakes with young spring onions, which is nothing more delicious! 2 green onions beam 3 boiled eggs Salt and pepper to taste 100 g sour cream 300 g flour 80 ml of warm milk (35-40 ° C) 40 ml of vegetable oil 2 eggs 30g sugar 20 g (10 g dry) yeast […]

Tomato salad with tuna (Recipe for weight loss)

Composition canned tuna in its own juice 1 jar 3 tomatoes 1 sweet onion salad Canned corn 1 small jar 10% sour cream 3 tbsp

Rolls of puff pastry with sausage and cheese

  Ingredients:  — Puff pastry — Mayonnaise — sausage — Hard cheese — greenery — Egg for lubrication

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