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Vanilla – chocolate cheesecake dessert.

Recipe: 30 – 40 g of gelatin 2st. milk 500 g low-fat cottage cheese 400 g low-fat sour cream or yogurt 3-4 tablespoons. sugar (stevia if you replace the calories will be much less) vanilla to taste

Pasta nautically

Pasta nautically Ingredients: Minced meat and boiled meat – 400 g Pasta – 350 g Bulb – 2 pcs. Garlic – 2 cloves Carrots – 1 pc. Sour cream – 5 tbsp Salt, pepper, herbs – to taste

Potato patties with mushroom sauce.

Potato patties with mushroom sauce.   Potatoes and mushrooms – it’s a great combination, and if you make even a dish like potato cutlets with mushroom sauce, the general Yum. Prepare this dish for yourself and make sure it is a fantastic taste.

Rolls of puff pastry with sausage and cheese

  Ingredients:  – Puff pastry – Mayonnaise – sausage – Hard cheese – greenery – Egg for lubrication

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