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Sausage in pita bread

Today we will share with you a step-by-step recipe for making salad «Sausage in Pita». This should be tried. Products. Sausages peeled and pricked with a fork so that they do not burst when heated. Cut lavash into the size of sausages. (I used fine Georgian lavash). Lay the layer of mashed potatoes on the […]

Pasta «Carbonara» — the classic of Italy!

  Ingredients: Spaghetti — 200 g Olive oil — 30 ml Onion — 1 pc. Bacon — 200 g Cream 22% — 100 ml Provan grass paste «Knor» — 5 g Yolk — 1 pc.

Eggplants in hot garlic sauce in Chinese

  Elegant, spicy, sharpened snack! Good in hot and cold. In the refrigerator, easy to stand for 3 days, which is very convenient, because you can prepare in advance for the arrival of guests. In the original recipe, Chinese black vinegar is used, but it can be replaced with all of us familiar balsamic vinegar. […]

Good morning in Italian: delicious fritata

  A hearty breakfast with hot Mediterranean shores. Frittata is an omelet in Italian. At its core, it’s the same pizza, only on the egg pancake instead of the dough. But how it sounds! You can easily cope with its preparation in your kitchen, if you have already tried to prepare breakfast from eggs 4 […]

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