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Guests will like it! Madly delicious, very simple and fast!

This julienne with chicken from others differs a little less calories, because for the basis of pouring it is taken not for milk or cream, but for broth. The culinary recipe of this dish was obtained by me from a friend when she was experimenting with French cuisine. She tried to cook it with «natural» […]

Champignons in sauce: low-calorie garnish!

?na 100gramm — 54.48 kkal?B / M / Y — 4.07 / 1.12 / 7.52? Ingredients: Champignons — 200 g Natural yogurt — 4 tbsp. L Soy sauce — 2 tbsp. L Salt, pepper — to taste Preparation:

Bruschetta with fried mushrooms and fresh tomatoes

Ingredients: Baguette — 1 pc. Cherry tomatoes — 300 g Favorite mushrooms (the smaller the fungus, the better) — 300 g Garlic — 5 denticles A small onion — 1 pc. Balsamic vinegar — 1 tbsp. L. Olive oil — 50 ml White wine — 50 ml Fresh basil — to taste Rosemary — to […]

Mushroom stew for a light dinner

  Ingredients: 250 g of fresh champignons 1 small onion 1 small red pepper 2 medium tomatoes 2 small green peppers Salt, ground black pepper

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