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Roasted mushrooms with herbs (weight loss)

  Servings: 4 pcs. Ingredients: Mushrooms — 800 g Butter — 50 g Garlic — 3 cloves

Dumplings in the pot with mushrooms and cheese

  Try the original and a bit unusual way of cooking dumplings. Even such a seemingly ordinary dish, you can transform beyond recognition. Bake dumplings in the pot with mushrooms and cheese and serve this delicious dish for lunch. Pets will be pleasantly surprised and certainly praise your wit.   Dumplings 500g Sour cream 200 […]

Cheese soup with porcini mushrooms

  The soup turns out very fragrant, hearty, delicious. Ingredients: 50 g of white dried mushrooms 700 grams of potatoes 400 g of melted cheese 150g carrots leek salt pepper

Chicken fillet with mushrooms Stroganoff

  Chicken fillet 350 g, Mushrooms, mushrooms, 200 grams, onion 1 pcs. -2 garlic cloves, 15% sour cream — 3 tbsp. spoons, tomatoes without kozhitsy- 150 g, Salt, pepper, herbs to taste.

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