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French pie of kish

  Two French pies of kish on a black board with tomatoes Ingredients for the dough: Oil — 100 g Egg — 20 grams (slightly less than half) Water — 40 g Salt — 1 tsp. Sugar — 8 g (a teaspoon with the top)

Eggplants in hot garlic sauce in Chinese

  Elegant, spicy, sharpened snack! Good in hot and cold. In the fridge, it’s easy to sit for 3 days, which is very convenient, because you can prepare in advance for the arrival of guests. The original recipe uses Chinese black vinegar, but it can be replaced with all of us familiar balsamic vinegar. Share […]

? Insanely delicious apples with cottage cheese -A small cottage cheese party in a hurry! And of course a low-calorie

  Ingredients: • 5 pieces. Apples • 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese • 100 g of natural yogurt • 1 lime or half a lemon • 1 egg Preparation:

Baked cauliflower with cream sauce

Ingredients: Cauliflower inflorescence — 700 g Flour with a slide — 1 tbsp. L. Cream — 220 ml Decoction from cabbage — 220-250 ml Eggs of chicken — 2 pcs. Cheese — 80 g Salt / pepper / paprika / nutmeg Breadcrumbs Butter for oiling the mold Parsley

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