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Panna cotta with strawberries

185ккал. to 100g. Cream 20% — 200 ml Strawberry — 200 g Gelatin — 1 piece Sugar — 100 g Soak the gelatine in 150 ml cold water according to the instructions on the package. Cream with sugar and 100 ml of water put on the fire.

Banana pancakes — delicious and diet!

B*W*A*Kcal per 100g 7.55*5.94*10.4*125.74 1 banana 2 eggs That’s all. Honestly! No flour, no butter! Preparing muffins out of bananas not just quickly, but very quickly. Put a pan to heat up. Banana mash with a fork into a puree.

Prunes in chocolate — delicious, and healthier chocolate shop chocolates

340 kcal per 100 g Do not worry, because you can eat 100 grams of this delicacy in one sitting — a must try)) delicious, and healthier chocolate shop chocolates Prunes 10 pieces Bitter chocolate 100 g 1/2 lemon pieces Walnuts 50 g Light raisins 40 g Honey 1 tablespoon

Barley porridge with mushrooms (approx 150 kcal/100 g)

Pearl barley 250 gr. Mushrooms 200 gr. Carrot 200 gr. Onion 100 gr. Vegetable oil 3 tbsp Salt

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