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Ideas for decorating cakes

        Ideas for decorating cakes


  For the base I took one of my favorite versions of the biscuit. It is great for these things, and his advantage is that he can absorb a lot of moisture without losing quality! So helpful for delicate desserts where you want a juicy basis. ⃣Separate the whites from the yolks (3 PCs). Start […]

Biscuit with peaches

1)margarine 180 g .1 P. 2)flour 2 Cup . 3)sour cream 1C/l . 4)whisper of salt . 5)yeast 1/3part h/l . 6)med 2st /l . 7)peaches 4pcs. 8)powdered sugar . 9)cinnamon a pinch . 10)sugar 2 tablespoons

The “Napoleon” cake: a classic recipe

  Among the abundance of various versions of popular and many favorite cake “Napoleon” will celebrate another successful recipe that is very easy to prepare at home. It combines silky, with a delicate vanilla flavor custard and brittle puff cakes. Cake soaked pretty quickly — it serves day-to-day. The dough is mixed in a matter […]

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