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Fish with cheese: a recipe for thin waist (Recipe for weight loss)

100 grams – 116.52 kcal B / F / U – 18 / 4.53 / 0.47 Ingredients: Trout (or other marine fish) 1 kg Eggs 4 pieces Low-fat cheese 100g Natural Yogurt 4 tablespoons. l. Salt and pepper to taste

Fruit smoothie with ginger (Healthy drink)

100gramm – 63.29 kkal Ingredients: Bananas 2 pcs. Oranges 2 pcs. Fresh grated ginger 1 tsp

Cauliflower Florentine (low-calorie dish)

  40 g per 100 kcal This cabbage you can apply as a side dish to meat or as a completely separate dish. Optionally, add the sauce slightly hot red pepper. 1 fork cauliflower weighing 0.8-1 kg For the sauce: 3-4 medium tomatoes, peeled 1 small onion 1 garlic clove, peel 1 small bunch of […]

Cake of egg pancakes with chicken filling.(Recipe for weight loss)

At 100 g – 63 kcal Egg 4 pcs Milk 50g Flour 1st Class L Vegetable oil 15g Filling: boiled chicken breast – 400g Pickles 100gr Onion 1pc Salt, pepper, dill., Garlic. Sour cream.

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