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The perfect dinner: baked chicken breast with broccoli

?on 100gramm – here is 124.34 calories?B/W/Y – 10.37/8.13/3.08? Ingredients: Chicken – 300 g Broccoli – 300 g Natural yoghurt – 200 ml Low-fat cheese – 100 g Olive oil – 1 tbsp Salt, pepper — to taste Preparation:

Omelet in kindergarten

  High fluffy omelet from the oven Ingredients: 6 eggs 300 ml of milk 1⁄2 tsp salt butter for greasing forms Method of preparation : Very often children refuse to eat scrambled eggs at home, requiring a “as in kindergarten”.

Pie spaghetti Bolognese 

  You will be required a minimum of effort and time, and the dish can be served even for the festive table Ingredients: Sauce “Bolognese” — 400 Grams Spaghetti — 200 Grams Hard cheese — 200 Grams Breadcrumbs — 2 tbsp. spoon Salt — to taste Number of servings: 3-4 How to prepare:

The idea for submitting

The idea for submitting

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