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  1. Fish in cheese batter Fish in the batter turns out very tasty and quite satisfying. fish fillets – 200 g; mayonnaise – 3 tbsp. spoons; egg – 4 pcs .; hard cheese – 100 g Preparation: A method for preparing fish in batter is quite simple.

Pink salmon, baked with cheese

Many do not like pink salmon, as it itself is a dry fish. But if you cook the fish for this recipe, you will see that the salmon can be really juicy and tasty. Ingredients: 500 gr. salmon fillets 150 gr. cheese salt pepper mayonnaise Preparation: 1. Cut the pink salmon in small portions. 2. […]

Fillet of pike with rice and mushrooms

  pike fillet 400-500gr – 2 pcs. Round rice – 100 g mushrooms – 300 g Onions – 1 head Cheese – 100 g herbs (dill, parsley, green onions) – 100 g vegetable oil for frying and greasing – 4-5 tbsp salt, ground black pepper – to taste

How to cook fish in batter with sour cream

  Ingredients: Fillet of fish – 0.5 kg Eggs – 4 pcs Flour Sour cream Preparation: 1. Create a batter, which includes eggs, flour and sour cream. Batter should get thick. Just add salt.

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