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  Today, I suggest to cook for lunch is very tasty dish called fish a man. Honestly, that cooked the fish for this recipe will appeal not only men, but women and even children. For this recipe, you can choose any big fish (fillets) in its sole discretion. Ingredients: 2 — pangasius fillets (about 700 […]


  1. Fish in cheese batter Fish in the batter turns out very tasty and quite satisfying. fish fillets — 200 g; mayonnaise — 3 tbsp. spoons; egg — 4 pcs .; hard cheese — 100 g Preparation: A method for preparing fish in batter is quite simple.

Pink salmon, baked with cheese

Many do not like pink salmon, as it itself is a dry fish. But if you cook the fish for this recipe, you will see that the salmon can be really juicy and tasty. Ingredients: 500 gr. salmon fillets 150 gr. cheese salt pepper mayonnaise Preparation: 1. Cut the pink salmon in small portions. 2. […]

Fillet of pike with rice and mushrooms

  pike fillet 400-500gr — 2 pcs. Round rice — 100 g mushrooms — 300 g Onions — 1 head Cheese — 100 g herbs (dill, parsley, green onions) — 100 g vegetable oil for frying and greasing — 4-5 tbsp salt, ground black pepper — to taste

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