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Mushrooms with chicken in cream sauce

145кк/100g You will need: 400 g chicken fillet 300 g of mushrooms 200 g sour cream 100 g onions 100 g of wine 50 g of vegetable oil black pepper

Julienne with squid and mushrooms

Volovany with mushrooms — a simple and delicious hot appetizer. Favorite recipe in a few minutes. You can buy volosts from puff pastry, and you can bake yourself, and you can do it in advance. On the day of the celebration, the meal is ready and the dish is ready. Conveniently. Baking volosts are layered. […]

Mushroom fries

  To begin with, it is necessary to prepare mushrooms, removing the legs from the hats and cleaning the dark part of the partitions with a teaspoonful. The resulting hats will be our molds for the filling. Now we are preparing the filling. Finely chopped legs fry in sunflower oil until the liquid evaporates, then […]

Fresh mushroom salad with creamy cheese sauce

Rinse mushrooms well and clean. Dry the towel. Thinly cut and lay out on the plates with a fan. Top with lime juice, so that they do not darken. In a small bowl, whisk the mascarpone and cream to the cream state. Salt and pepper. Add finely chopped chives. Add a little finely chopped tarragon […]

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