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Thin is easy! Types of unloading days.

  Apple. During the day, you need to eat 1.5-2 kg of fresh apples. It is desirable that the apples are acidic or sweet-sour. Curd. During the day, eat only cottage cheese with 1% fat: 5 times a day for 200 g for one reception. Sour cream, sugar, honey, etc. do not add. Kefir. During […]

Carrot and apple cookies: The ideal snack is a low-calorie

🔸na 100gramm — 149.91 kkal🔸B / M / Y — 4.39 / 0.96 / 31.43🔸 Ingredients: • 2 apples • 1 carrot • A handful of dried apricots • 6 tbsp. L. Flour (whole-grain or oatmeal) • 4 tbsp. L. Bran

Very Delicious diet — good health!

  The diet lasts a week. For the entire period of weight loss is about 4-5 kg. The idea of ​​a diet is that all day you need to eat only a certain food, every day is different, but there are mandatory conditions: 1. Cooked food should be divided into 7 identical parts and eat […]

Fasting day — If you need a weight loss process.!!!

  Periodically, the body needs rest, not only from physical activities, work, environment, but also from food. Why do I need a day off? Even with the healthiest way of life, people often eat «something is not right», and if the regime of the day is not followed and the food intake is correct, the […]

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