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The most useful chips: squash.

And probably the only healthy chips that I know of. Ingredients: courgettes or zucchini milk breadcrumbs grated Parmesan salt, garlic powder How to prepare:

An example of a Proper diet menu for 1200 calories

Breakfast: • 2 eggs (boiled/steamed) • Cucumber, tomato • Piece of whole grain bread with curd cheese • Herbal tea Snack: • Cottage cheese 1% 150 grams, half banana/person berries, cinnamon to taste Lunch:

Cheesecakes in the oven

  100 grams of product: Kcal: 107,2 Protein: 13,6 Carbohydrates: 6,7 Fats: 2,2 Ingredients: -low-fat cottage cheese 250g; -fiber 3 tbsp; -egg 1;

Vegetarian pilaf

Great vegetarian version of pilaf — rice with mushrooms. Caloric content of rice allows you to eat it and those who watch her figure! To prepare this delicious meal you will need: 1.5 cups of rice (350g) 1 large carrot 400g mushrooms 3.5 cups of boiling water vegetable oil

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