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Recipe vegetable rye tortillas — An excellent dietary treat

  The whole process of cooking, together with pastries is just 20 min, of your time — 5 minutes. These delicious cakes are all good. Help as a snack during the day. Perfectly combined with cheese and vegetables. If necessary, stored for a long time, not cherstveya. They are slightly sweet, but without sugar! And […]

Protein dinner: cheese lasagna — Tasty and dietary!

per 100grams — 155.11 kcal B / W / Y — 16.61 / 8.81 / 2.54 Ingredients: Onions 3 pcs. Tomatoes 3 pcs. Chicken forcemeat 700 g Tomato paste 3 tbsp. spoons Greenery 15 g

How to stop eating at night: 7 great tips

  1. The last full meal should be 3 hours before bedtime. In such a situation, going to bed, you will not feel any heaviness in the stomach, no hunger. 2. A proper dinner The evening meal should include the maximum amount of vegetables (fresh or stewed), as well as protein, for example, a piece […]

Low calorie rolls with cheese and greens

  Ingredients: 4 large beam (200 g) of your favorite greens 2 cloves of garlic 150 g natural yogurt 450g low-fat cottage cheese salt 4 Armenian lavash (200 g) Method of preparation:

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