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Curd dessert with mango

For curd mass soak 18 g of gelatin. Rinse the yolks with sugar and beat. Mix cottage cheese, lemon juice and yogurt. Pressed gelatin to dissolve, mix with 2 tbsp. L curd mass and mix with the main curd mass. Put in the refrigerator. As soon as the cream starts to set, whip and mix […]

Potato pancakes with cheese

Peel potatoes, wash, dry, grate potatoes on a large grater, grate the cheese on a small grater, grate or finely chop the onion, crush garlic, add salt, pepper and eggs. Mix everything well, add flour as needed (so that there is no water), mix again well. Heat the frying pan well, add butter, spoon out […]

Pie with wild berries

A cake with forest berries will appeal to all gourmets. It turns out a very delicate, delicious pie with sweet and sour filling, and therefore not cloying. It will be a wonderful treat, which you can treat guests. My friends like everything. Prepare the dough: Two and a half glasses of flour and 80 grams […]

Pear-chocolate cake

  Ingredients: Pear — 2-3 pcs. Chocolate bitter — 60 g Butter — 50 g Flour — 50 g Sugar — 75 g Almond flour — 25 g

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