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Cake «Sour Cream»

  Easy to prepare, everyday cake for evening tea. The cakes in this cake is not a biscuit, they don’t have much rise. After the cake is soaked it becomes soft and tender. Ingredients 200 g butter or margarine 200 g of sugar

Carrot cake

  INGREDIENTS Carrots — 4 pcs. Coconut shaving — 0.5 cups Walnut — 0.5 cups White raisin — 0,5 cups

MANGO Cake-Souffle

Ingredients: For biscuit — 2 egg whites — 5 egg yolks — 2 tablespoons Cottage cheese soft 0%


  Ingredients For the shape of 23 cm: OREO cookies 35 pcs. Butter 100 gr. Philadelphia cheese 800 gr.

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