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spotted cupcakes

spotted cupcakes #delicious cupcake #how to cook a cupcake Ingredients: — 100 g of sugar — 50 g of butter — 1 large egg or 2 small — 100 g sour cream — 100 g of flour (you may need more or less)

CHEESE cupcakes with custard and peach jams

CHEESE cupcakes with custard and peach jams   These muffins can be rightly called a double pleasure! Delicate custard, peach jam, cottage cheese dough — a truly remarkable combination! Cupcakes just melt in your mouth. Cooking time: about 40 minutes Ingredients (for small muffins 14): For the dough: 100g softened butter

Rolls of puff pastry with sausage and cheese

  Ingredients:  — Puff pastry — Mayonnaise — sausage — Hard cheese — greenery — Egg for lubrication

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