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Eggs in tomatoes — very tasty Breakfast!

Per 100 g: 85 kcal Ingredients: Tomatoes — 3 PCs. Chicken eggs — 3 PCs. Salt and pepper Green onions Preparation:

Barley porridge with mushrooms (approx 150 kcal/100 g)

Pearl barley 250 gr. Mushrooms 200 gr. Carrot 200 gr. Onion 100 gr. Vegetable oil 3 tbsp Salt

Eggplants in circles with cheese and tomatoes.

  Ingredients: 2 eggplants weighing about 600 grams; 4-5 tomatoes weighing about 700 grams; 4-5 medium-sized garlic cloves; 200 grams of hard cheese; Vegetable oil for frying; 2-3 tablespoons of fresh parsley;

Recipe for Sunday breakfast: pancakes with caramel-orange sauce and fresh berries

    Sunday morning is the ideal time to get up early and prepare a large pile of pancakes for your loved ones, remembering family traditions. Fry pancakes offer to crunch and serve in French manners — with orange-caramel sauce. Ingredients: Flour — 350 g Eggs — 4 pcs. Salt — 5 g Sugar — […]

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