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Chicken in orange-lemon marinade

Per 100g 120 calories chicken fillet 500g лимон1/2 PCs. large апельсин1 PCs. soy соус1 tbsp мед3-4 tbsp salt, freshly ground black pepper

Burrito with chicken

  Ingredients: Tortilla – 4 pcs. Chicken fillet – 200 g Canned corn – 4 tbsp. L. Pods of hot pepper – 0,5 pcs. Garlic – 3 cloves Green onions – 3-4 pcs. Tomato sauce – 3 tbsp. L.

Festive roast chicken Mexican

  Mexican cuisine offers a wide variety of recipes that suit not only every day, but on the holiday table. I suggest you make a chicken pot pie recipe cuisine of Chiapas. The recipe is simple, everyone. Servings 4 INGREDIENTS 1.5 kg. chicken 0,5 EA. onion

Chicken cutlets with cottage cheese (weight loss)

  Ingredients: 300 gr curd 1 kg chicken fillet

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