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Omelette with avocado and rucola

Ingredients 4 eggs olive oil ½ avocado

Eggplants in hot garlic sauce, in Chinese.

  Elegant, spicy, sharp-aubergine snack! Good in hot and cold. In the fridge, it’s easy to sit for 3 days, which is very convenient, because Can be prepared in advance for the arrival of guests. The recipe for such eggplants comes from the Chinese province of Sichuan. A more accurate name for this dish is […]


  Ingredients : ● 450 g of spaghetti ● 350 g of hunting sausages, thinly sliced ● 1 large onion, thinly sliced ● 3 cups in half grape tomatoes ● 2 cups fresh basil leaves, freely packaged

Perfect burger

For burgers: Minced meat (beef and pork 50:50) — 600 g Chili powder (ground) — 1 pc. Onion (crushed) — 1 pc. Basil (crushed) — 2 sprigs Garlic (chopped) — 1 tooth Mustard — 1 tsp.

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