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Coffee with banana and cinnamon

  If you do not have time to fully have breakfast, such coffee will satisfy the hunger and give strength to get to the office. Cook the coffee as usual. Whisk in a blender cut into small pieces of a banana, cinnamon and lightly cooled coffee. Pour the drink into a cup, adding ice cream […]

Eggplants in circles with cheese and tomatoes.

  Ingredients: 2 eggplants weighing about 600 grams; 4-5 tomatoes weighing about 700 grams; 4-5 medium-sized garlic cloves; 200 grams of hard cheese; Vegetable oil for frying; 2-3 tablespoons of fresh parsley;

Recipe for Sunday breakfast: pancakes with caramel-orange sauce and fresh berries

    Sunday morning is the ideal time to get up early and prepare a large pile of pancakes for your loved ones, remembering family traditions. Fry pancakes offer to crunch and serve in French manners — with orange-caramel sauce. Ingredients: Flour — 350 g Eggs — 4 pcs. Salt — 5 g Sugar — […]

Smoothies with blueberries- a unique set of nutrients and vitamins

  Berry cocktails — hit the summer season! Vitamin smoothies will give a head start to soda with its oversized amount of sugar and refresh no worse than lemonade. Therefore, we hasten to share with readers an excellent recipe for a mix of blueberries, pears and greens. Perhaps it is worth mentioning the beneficial properties […]

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