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5 cocktails that will help get rid of excess inches at the waist and just please with its rich, refreshing taste!

  Save yourself! 📌 1. A wonderful fat-burning cocktail. Kefir and orange cocktail with ginger. On 100grams — 40.15 kcal🔸B / F / L — 2.57 / 0.24 / 7.39🔸 Ingredients: Kefir low-fat — 500 ml Orange — 1 pc Ginger — 30 g Cinnamon — 1 tbsp. L

Zucchini stuffed with meat, with sour cream

  For stuffing the best zucchini to take small. They need to be peeled off, cut off the ends, and clean the seeds with a spoon. After that, rinse, fill with minced meat (meat, cereal, mushroom or vegetable) and fry on all sides on all sides. Then zucchini to put in deep utensils, to pour […]

Home non-alcoholic mojito with lime

  Ingredients Mint and lemon balm — 50 g each Fine sugar — 2 tbsp. L. Lime — 2 pcs. Tonic — 300 ml Apple juice — 100 ml Ice cubes — to taste

Smoothie porridge.

B*W*A*Kcal per 100g 6.14*7.22*25.46*184.83 in a blender put 2 bananas 2 tablespoons rolled oats

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