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Fruit and vegetable smoothies — Tasty and healthy!

Smoothies — this is another direction in which we use the blender very actively. We do them almost every day, and constantly experiment with the ingredients. In fact, we mix what at the moment there are houses from vegetables and fruits, add water and voila — delicious and useful smoothies are ready! Here, for example, […]

The perfect dinner: baked chicken breast with broccoli

?on 100gramm — here is 124.34 calories?B/W/Y — 10.37/8.13/3.08? Ingredients: Chicken — 300 g Broccoli — 300 g Natural yoghurt — 200 ml Low-fat cheese — 100 g Olive oil — 1 tbsp Salt, pepper — to taste Preparation:

Omelet in kindergarten

  High fluffy omelet from the oven Ingredients: 6 eggs 300 ml of milk 1⁄2 tsp salt butter for greasing forms Method of preparation : Very often children refuse to eat scrambled eggs at home, requiring a “as in kindergarten”.

Pie spaghetti Bolognese 

  You will be required a minimum of effort and time, and the dish can be served even for the festive table Ingredients: Sauce «Bolognese» — 400 Grams Spaghetti — 200 Grams Hard cheese — 200 Grams Breadcrumbs — 2 tbsp. spoon Salt — to taste Number of servings: 3-4 How to prepare:

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