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Chicken with prunes and apples

Chicken fillet cut into cubes, cut through in the middle and gently place inside each piece of chicken a piece of prune. Cut and fry the onions, then chicken and diced apples, salt After everything is evenly fried, pour in the cream and simmer for 15 minutes over low heat. If you liked the recipe […]

Chicken wings in an orange marinade

Wings to wash and dry with napkins. Fold the chicken in a deep bowl. Cut the red onion into thin rings, add it to the chicken. With orange peel the peel, but not with a grater, not into a fine slurry, with the help of a vegetable peeler, cutting thin ribbons. Garlic grate on a […]

Chicken cutlets with mushrooms and cheese

  Mushrooms cut and fry until soft, put into a bowl. Add rubbed cheese and chopped dill, season, mix. Stuff the meat into pancakes. In the middle of each pancake put the filling, wrap. Roll in breadcrumbs and fry until done. Chinese cuisine Preparation time 20 Cooking time 30

Chicken breast with lemon

Prepare chicken breasts simply. But to make them really delicious, you need to know a few secrets: lemon, garlic and white wine. Picture of the recipe Chicken Breasts with lemon COOKING TIME: 60 minutes NUMBER OF PORTS: 4 servings CALORIUM: 410 kcal IngredientsAdd products to shopping list Chicken (breast with and without skin) 4 pcs.

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