Sponge cake «Bounty»

«Bounty» — is not only known for rebellious sailboat and bar from advertising, but other goodies invented cooking, which include cocoa and coconut.
for the dough:
sugar 120 g
80 g flour

Sponge cake «Bounty»

Cocoa powder 20g
starch 20 g
eggs 4 pcs.
baking powder 1/2 tsp
For filling:
milk 500 g
Chips of coconut 250 g
butter 200g
sugar 200 g
6-7 tbsp semolina
vanilla 1 pinch
for decoration:
150ml milk
sugar beads
whipped cream
Cocoa powder
1Ponadobitsya biscuit dough, it needs to mix the sugar, flour, cocoa powder and starch. All bulk ingredients sift, to enrich the air, add baking powder and mix well. Separately, whisk raw proteins, stable foam, add sugar.
2Esche just whip. Yolks with sugar until white separately. Mix two egg mass add flour with additives, gently mix from top to bottom, the mixture has not lost its splendor and lightness.
3Nebolshie baking dish well greased with oil, put the dough with a spoon, 1.5 tablespoons of weight per mold. Bake until cooked, check the readiness with a toothpick if it remains dry — the cake is baked.
4Zaranee cook stuffing, for this to cook porridge with milk. Add vanilla. Cool and whisk to avoid lumps. Separately, grind-hot butter with sugar (butter should be melted), to enter into the semolina. Again whisk and add the coconut. To cool, place in refrigerator.
5Ostyvshie biscuits connect two layers using semolina, well-pressed. Decorate the cakes can be as you like: whipped cream with sugar, condensed milk, cook the icing. Drizzle sponge cakes «Bounty», sprinkle with chocolate chips and cocoa. You can add the berries of the jam or compote, marmalade colored figures.

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