Potato pancakes with sausage

Potato pancakes with sausage



Potatoes — 10 pcs.
Cooked sausage — 250 g
onions — 2 pcs.
Garlic — 3 tooth.
olive oil — 5 tablespoons. l.
wheat flour — 2 tbsp. l.
salt to taste
sauce — 200 g


1. Onion and garlic are washed, cleaned and carefully cut into small cubes. I recommend the sausage cut into strips (although it can be any shape, as long as it was shallow enough).
2. Potatoes, too, clean, clean and rub on a coarse grater or passed through a meat grinder.
3. Add the garlic to the potatoes, flour, sausage, onion and pepper to taste and add salt. Then it all carefully mix.
4. Roast your potato pancakes (potato pancakes, potato pancakes) in the well-heated oil until golden brown, then bring to full readiness, a little hold in the oven.

Draniki serve hot, garnished with their greens with sour cream sauce (sour cream, if desired, you can replace mayonnaise or any other sauce bought in a store
A word of advice: if you watch your figure, then place the first pancake on a napkin, which absorbs the excess fat.

Bon Appetit!

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