Seven Quirky and Classic Cookbooks for Every Kind of Seafood Lover

saveur oceans cookbooks

Tour the world’s coasts with some of our favorite seafood-forward cookbooks

Here are the seafood cookbooks we’re reading to buff up on our seafood knowledge…

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Our 6 Best Tips and Tricks for Cutting Clutter in Your Kitchen

Spring is here—time to get your kitchen organized

The SAVEUR test kitchen shares their best ideas for reducing clutter in your kitchen.

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Cold Rocket Soup with Orange Zest

Cold Rocket Soup with Orange ZestCold rocket soup with yogurt and orange zest: try this easy raw soup recipe for refreshing your summer!

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Pho bo: Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beef

Pho bo: Vietnamese Noodle Soup with BeefLooking for new Vietnamese flavours? Don’t miss the recipe of the Pho Bo, the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup prepared with beef and spices.

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