Cured beef heart

This innovative cured beef heart recipe uses a salted sourdough starter to cure a beef heart, creating an extra umami boost. Dean uses it as a beefy seasoning, finely grated as you would bottarga or Parmesan as a flourish to a dish. If you don’t already have a sourdough starter on the go, it takes a good 5 days to make, so prepare well in advance.

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For This Month's Cookbook Club, Author Nancy Singleton Hachisu Chats About Japan

japan cookbook noodles

May’s Cookbook Club author tells us how she went about creating this thorough tome on Japanese cooking

Nancy Singleton Hachisu talks to us about her favorite recipes from her new cookbook Japan, how to approach seasoning in Japanese cooking, and more…

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Furikake seasoning

Dean Parker’s furikake recipe is the ideal thing to bring a punchy hit of flavour to a whole host of dishes, from simple steamed rice to more elaborate dinner party dishes. Furikake is a Japanese seasoning made from seaweed, sesame seeds and dried fish (though there are hundreds of variations). Traditionally eaten with rice or fish, the word literally translates to ‘sprinkle over’ so get adventurous with this salty, umami-rich seasoning.

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Sous vide oxtail tacos with sun-dried tomato, ras el hanout and olive

Phil Fanning serves up a comforting sous vide oxtail recipe, spiced with ras el hanout and paprika and served in tortillas to make delicious, flavour-packed tacos. A sun-dried tomato and yoghurt sauce adds even more richness, lifted by the addition of green olives, tomato and watercress.

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