10 products that will energize you all day


Usually the transition from harmful food to the beneficial, which is often referred to as a diet, is accompanied by great stress. Therefore, in order not to injure your psyche again, we will not discuss the diets today.
Instead, we’ll talk about some incredibly useful products, adding to your menu, you can not worry about being forced to part with your bad eating habits.

Chicken breasts

Protein is the main source of energy throughout the day, and chicken is the best source of protein that you can only find. Prepare it in a grill and avoid recipes in which the chicken should be fried or use cheese and sauces.

Another amazing source of protein and other vital nutrients. Maybe this will be a surprise to you, but you can eat an egg not only for breakfast but also at any other time. And do not worry about such a «bad» yolk, since, despite all the myths associated with it, it continues to show its good health.

Fish and seafood
Omega-3 fatty acids are ours all! In your diet, they should be as large as possible, so eat fish and seafood as often as you can.

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Everything You Can Do With an Eggplant

Eggplant Salad Recipe

Buy it, use it, bake it, grill it, stuff it, fry it, and upgrade it

Fried, charred, stuffed—the eggplant is a versatile veggie and we’re here to tell you all about it.

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Fresh Cantaloupe and Honeydew Salad With Lemon and Thyme

Fresh Cantaloupe and Honeydew Salad With Lemon and Thyme
Whether it’s served over warm ricotta, with thin slices of prosciutto, or as a topping for ajo blanco, this simple summer salad makes the most of fresh summer melon.
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Incredibly lavish pancakes!



Flour — 350-400 g
Egg — 1 pc.
Milk — 500 ml

Incredibly lavish pancakes!

Dry yeast — 1 tsp.
Sugar — 2-3 tbsp. L.
Salt — 0.5 tsp.
Vegetable oil for frying

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