Smoothies of kiwi



Kiwi — 4 PCs.
Natural yogurt — 250 g

1. Smoothies of kiwi

Freshly squeezed orange juice (1 large orange) — ½ Cup
Honey — 1 tbsp
Ice — 1 Cup

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Tasty chops


Dishes with chicken are good for their ease and infinite variety. For example, you can make a very quick and tasty chops — no one will realize that they are out of meat and not whole pieces. But all will surely be satisfied guaranteed tender and juicy taste.

Tasty chops

Probably not very correct to call this dish of minced chicken «chops» because there is nothing bounces. But this is not the classic «meatballs», and especially not burgers. So let it go «chops» — most importantly, delicious!

Note: by and large, the stuffing in this recipe delicious chops, you can use either — such as Turkey, or as in the most common chops — pork.

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Hershey's New Peanuts and Pretzels Candy Bar Is Even Better Than Chocolate

Sweet and salty FTW.

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18 Things You Never Knew About the Royal Family's Odd Eating Habits

Dinner party guests never knew that Princess Diana was secretly eating a different menu from everyone else.

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