Talking Bread and Evolution with Jeffrey Hamelman

challah star loaf bread

Lexie Smith speaks with Jeffrey Hamelman, Author of Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

Lexie Smith talk bread baking and cultural representation with Master Bread Baker Jeffrey Hamelman…

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Mexican Horchata

Mexican HorchataYou’ll love this chilled Mexican beverage made from rice, cinnamon, sugar and water. It’s easy to make and refreshingly delicious!

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Ham "friand" pie

Ham "friand" pie : A “friand” (the word means “fond”!) is a sort of French pasty. This pie-style version has two layers of puff pastry filled with a mixture of cheese, ham and bechamel sauce.

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How to Make Apple Pie Ala Mode Moonshine | Homemade Gifts |

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