Homemade cucumber drink with lemon for weight loss

Home drink for slimming, which will include cucumber, affects the cleaning body by washing slags and deposits which are found in the intestine. Only in this way you can get rid of a few extra kilos, not to mention the fact that other beverage ingredients also activate its own internal system. Read more »

Chicken braised in wine

This dish is very popular in France. But since it is not difficult to prepare and the ingredients are simple and almost always have on hand, in our country it has become as popular as in Europe.

Chicken drumsticks — 700 Grams
Pumpkin — 150 Grams
Leeks — 150 Grams
Tavern — 150 Grams
Wine — 200 milliliters
Bulb — 1 Each
Carrots — 1 Each
Garlic — 6 cloves
Celery, salt and spices — to taste Read more »

Cake biscuits with banana whip up


2 packs of sugar cookies (in Russia is likely to «Jubilee», in Ukraine — it is desirable to «my love»)
5-6 bananas
Half a liter of sour cream
1 cup of sugar
300ml milk
kiwi, strawberry, orange — the number of optional (to decorate the cake)
chocolate Read more »

Curd casserole without flour. Even better than ice cream!

Cottage cheese — 500 g
Eggs — 5 pcs.
Butter or margarine — 50 g
Raisins — to taste.
Zest — from one lemon.
Munk — 1 tbsp. spoon with gorochkoy.
Sugar — 100 g
Sour cream — 50 g Read more »

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