India’s Chikkis Are the Best Peanut Brittle You’ll Ever Eat

Part of a balanced national sweet tooth

Made with roasted peanuts and caramel-like jaggery, these are candies worth getting to know.

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Shrimp in garlic sauce


a simple but elegant appetizer.!
Calories — 75 calories

(12 servings)

Shrimp in garlic sauce

Spoon three tablespoons of minced garlic
Two table spoons of olive oil
¼ Cup lemon juice Read more »

Chicken in Mexican style

I’d like to surprise strange people with unusual and delicious food. The girlfriend suggested a recipe for a chicken in Mexican. In this dish, tomatoes, corn and chili are perfectly matched, besides these ingredients perfectly match the fried chicken.

Chicken in Mexican style

I recommend everyone to cook the most delicious chicken. Take the chicken thighs and fry them over medium heat until golden brown, then remove the prepared hips from the pan. Read more »



A ginger mixture with lemon and honey will help to support the immune system, especially in a time when everyone gets sick with colds.


ginger (root) – 120 g


fresh lemons – 4 pieces,
honey – 150 ml.

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