Roasted tomatoes in cheese batter

Roasted tomatoes in cheese batter

4 strong dense tomato
Dried ground paprika
garlic powder or fresh, grated on a fine grater
black or red pepper
150 gr. hard cheese
mayonnaise or sour cream — 2 tbsp. spoons
Eggs — 2 pcs.
Vegetable oil for frying


1.Pomidory wash, drop a few seconds in boiling water, remove the peel. Cut into slices, sprinkle with paprika, garlic, black or red pepper to your liking. Read more »

Chicken "Roman legion"

Chicken «Roman legion»


Chicken thigh — 8-10 pc
Soy sauce 3 tbsp. l
Mustard 1 tbsp. l
Tomato paste 1 tbsp. l
Salt pepper
Eggs 2 pcs
1. thighs wash, dry towel and marinate in soy sauce. Soy sauce is necessary to take the dark — for the marinade. Pour mix hip and that would be the sauce evenly distributed and soaked. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Read more »

Napoleon cake

Napoleon cake


Margarine — 200 g
Eggs — 2 pcs.
Flour — 2 cups.
Sour cream — 1 tbsp
The water — 2 tbsp
Salt — a pinch.
You can use ready-made puff pastry. Read more »

Very tender and tasty fries "Romanoff"

Very tender and tasty fries «Romanoff»

The original, hearty side dish of baked potato with sour cream, onions and browned cheese crust …



Potatoes — 1 kg
Finely chopped onions — 1 pc.
Grated cheddar cheese — 300 g
Sour cream — 1.5 cups
Salt to taste -by
Black pepper — to taste Read more »

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