Vegetable stew with veal in multivarka

Vegetable stew with veal in multivarka


Veal (280 g)
Tomatoes (groundwater) (400 g)
Onion (120 g)
Courgettes (570 g)
Eggplant (380 g)
Sweet red pepper (100 g)
Carrot red (135 g) Read more »

Honey cake

Honey cake

Delicious sweet biscuit, to the best of smells honey melts in your mouth! Excellent rises, do not fall off, there is no cap, and the most simple to prepare!
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Home sochniki with cheese

Home sochniki with cheese

Ruddy, juicy, fragrant — that’s what they sochniki with cheese! Remember those delicious curly «cakes» with curd sold in the Soviet cooking, and now offer in school canteens.


But home sochniki much tastier! That try — like adults, and especially — the kiddies! In addition, this can be a delicious way to feed the kids cheese. So sochniki — not only delicious, but also useful pastries.

Products sochnikov with cheese:
Cottage cheese (not dry, moderately wet) — 400g;
Sugar — 7 tablespoons;
Eggs — 2 pcs .;
Sour cream — 0.5 cup + 1 tablespoon; Read more »

Cake "Tsukotto"

Cake «Tsukotto»

The cake turned out very, very tasty. Chocolate cake, gorgeous, delicate filling with a very rich flavor.
Cream turns gentle, but it holds its shape well.

Of course, instead of almonds you can use other nuts instead of cherries — other berries, but the taste is completely different.
I use frozen pitted cherries, defrost it and merged all the liquid.

You will need:


2 eggs
100 g butter
120 g of sugar
20g cocoa
100 g flour Read more »

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