How Pittsburgh’s Famous Sandwich Became its Most Beloved Fake News

primanti sandwich

Everyone in Pittsburgh knows the Primanti Brothers namesake sandwich originated as a lunch for local steel mill workers, but … what if it didn’t?

Primanti Brothers’ famous “Pittsburgh Sandwich” supposedly began as a lunch for local steel mill workers. But the actual history isn’t quite so clear.

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Vegan Tofu and Herb Salad

Vegan Tofu and Herb Salad
Strips of chewy aburaage (fried tofu) add meatiness to this light and refreshing vegan salad. Pack it with whatever soft herbs you have—roughly torn dill, cilantro, mint, and more.
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Inside One of Karachi's Last Iranian Lunch Cafes

khairabad cafe

As other Iranian tea shops and cafes in Pakistan have come and gone, Cafe Khairabad has somehow survived, serving lunch to the diverse workers of Chundrigar Road for generations

In Karachi, Pakistan, Cafe Khairabad is a lunchtime mainstay, serving everyone from journalists and bankers to utility works and TV crews.

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30+ Easy Vegan Pasta Dishes to Make for Dinner Tonight

Even your Italian relatives and close pals can get down with these filling, flavorful vegan pasta recipes (plus a few store-bought ideas if you’re super pressed on time). Add a glass of wine (for your health, of course!) and it’s a perfect evening.

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