Moussaka Bulgarian


eggplant – 3 PCs (average)
potatoes – 3 PCs
Bulgarian pepper – 2 PCs
tomatoes – 4 PCs

Moussaka Bulgarian

garlic – 2-3 cloves
vegetable oil for frying
cheese – 50 grams
eggs – 2 PCs

The beauty of this recipe is that everything is a matter of. We gathered in the kitchen, turned on the music and someone fried eggplant, someone cut a pepper, while someone under the guise of talking and eating ice cream….

But it all started with eggplant. My eggplant, cut the tail, cut into slices and fry in vegetable oil. Put them slide. The one who will grill the eggplant on very responsible post. Why? It’s the hardest job in the moussaka. Hot oil can burn. Fry the eggplant is not necessary much, they were with the crust. But soft.

In parallel, boiled potatoes in their jackets. Boil it until fully cooked.

Have you peeled the potatoes and cut also slices.

Clean the peppers (removing the core) and cut into slices. It is better to take the red. It will be a good decoration of the food. Very large pepper does not take it, it will bulge from the overall composition.

Tomatoes, too, turning in circles.

When all the vegetables are ready, begin to lay moussaka. Styling is best suited round shape. Moussaka in her beautiful looks. Take a piece of eggplant and next to him put the potatoes….

The following report of tomato and a slice of pepper. If you have a pepper or tomato turned too large. Cut or razrushte in half. The main thing is firmly laid.

When the outer circle is filled, proceed to the inner circle of moussaka.

Now all the vegetables are laid out.

Moussaka sprinkle with salt.

Sprinkle with sliced garlic.

Add a little vegetable oil (1 tablespoon will be enough).

Pour the beaten eggs.

Sprinkle top grated cheese. And put into the oven.

The temperature in the oven 180-200 degrees. Moussaka and bake 30-40 minutes until a beautiful brown.

Here she is our beauty of Bulgarian moussaka. Looks on the table just fine.

The pieces is divided into sectors. It is a very satisfying dish on its own. It is possible for him to ocus on the basis of sour milk, garlic and herbs. It will be very juicy. Or just a good glass of red wine.

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