How to cook a perfect steak


The right steak is a rare and expensive phenomenon, since everything matters from the quality of meat to the thickness of the frying pan, and cooking time is a key factor.

How to cook a perfect steak

Steak — a piece of meat with a thickness of 2.5 to 5 cm, fried to crust on both sides. Steaks are cut only across the fibers. Meat for regular steaks is kept in the cold for 4 weeks or more in a suspended state.

Meat must be brought to room temperature before frying. This is very important, otherwise cold meat will cool the frying pan, and the desired effect will not be achieved. If the steak is frozen, it is necessary to completely unfreeze it in the refrigerator, leaving it for the night, and for an hour before cooking put it on the table. Before frying dry with a towel or napkin.
No need to beat meat, otherwise the structure of the fibers is broken, and during the cooking the steak will lose juice, become dry.

During frying, you can not salt. Meat will give the juice and the crust is not baked, the steak will be cooked in juice, and not cooked. It is recommended to salt it in advance — rub it with salt and pepper steak at least an hour before frying and let it lie down, soak, or a minute after being removed from the fire.

Cookware for steak cooking should have a thick bottom to keep the heat. A simple cast iron frying pan fits perfectly.
Also suitable grill pan. She will give the steak a characteristic lattice pattern and will not allow it to burn.

Preheat the pan to maximum and put the steak. Fry the steak on a hot frying pan with butter for 1 minute on each side. So we «seal» the meat with a crust, and the juices stay inside. Then fry over medium heat until ready for 1 to 5 minutes.
The temperature of the steak is measured with a thermometer with a probe that penetrates the inside of the piece.

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