Eggplants in hot garlic sauce, in Chinese.


Elegant, spicy, sharp-aubergine snack! Good in hot and cold. In the fridge, it’s easy to sit for 3 days, which is very convenient, because Can be prepared in advance for the arrival of guests.

Eggplants in hot garlic sauce, in Chinese.

The recipe for such eggplants comes from the Chinese province of Sichuan. A more accurate name for this dish is «Eggplant with fish flavor,» although they have nothing to do with fish. Simply, here is a certain set of spices and condiments that are commonly used in cooking fish. This is one of the main flavor combinations in Sichuan — salty + sweet + sour spicy + garlic + ginger + green onions.
In the original recipe, Chinese black vinegar is used, but it can be replaced with all of us familiar balsamic vinegar.

Cooking time: 20 minutes
Servings: 2-4

You will need:

Eggplants (not thick, without seeds) — 3 pcs.,
Vegetable oil — 5-6 tablespoons. + As needed,
Garlic — 2-3 tooth.,
Ginger (fresh, grated) — 1 tablespoon,
Chili pepper (fresh) — 1 pod,
Green onions — 1 stem,
Soy sauce — 1 tbsp.
Balsamic vinegar — 1 tbsp.
Sugar-sand — 0.5 tsp.

How to cook:

1. We will cook in the wok, on high heat. All ingredients must be pre-cut, brushed and rubbed. All sauces should be at hand.
Eggplant should not be cleaned, cut into blocks, with a finger thickness, 6-8 cm long.

2. Pepper chili finely chop, garlic and ginger grate on a small grater, chop the green onions.

3. In the wok, heat the vegetable oil, put the eggplant in the same layer in one layer, fry it quickly — 2-3 minutes, until the crust is brown on all sides. Eggplants fry in batches, I got three turns. If necessary, if necessary, during the frying process, add oil, Eggplants have the property of «eating» a lot of oil.

4. Fried aubergines put aside, in a separate dish.
In the wok, pour 1 tbsp. (If necessary), put garlic, ginger, green onion, chili, fry quickly until the aroma appears, add eggplants back to the wok, mix, fry all together for one minute, pour in soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, pour in sugar, mix to make All tastes and flavors unite, turn off the fire and immediately serve.

Bon Appetit!

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