Good morning in Italian: delicious fritata


A hearty breakfast with hot Mediterranean shores.
Frittata is an omelet in Italian. At its core, it’s the same pizza, only on the egg pancake instead of the dough.
But how it sounds!

Good morning in Italian: delicious fritata

You can easily cope with its preparation in your kitchen, if you have already tried to prepare breakfast from eggs
4 breakfast options from eggs
In the classic versions of the preparation of frittates, Italians use paste (who would doubt their devotion) and, having started to prepare an omelette on the stove, bring it to the ready in the oven. Following the traditions of Italian chefs, fritata is cooked on a slow fire. First, the battered pan is poured with beaten eggs, when the bottom layer of the omelet is baked, add the filling and bake in the oven.
We can do without a prescription, bro, as well as without special adaptations.

Any foreign dish can always be prepared with a Russian business approach and sparkling humor (without it anywhere).
Frittata — an excellent opportunity to use everything that waits for his time in the refrigerator. The main ingredient is eggs, their number is determined by yourself (from 2 to 10 eggs), based on the number of eaters. Also, you need vegetables, cheese for filling and a little time.
Whisk the eggs with salt and freshly ground pepper, add grated cheese or fatty cottage cheese. Cheese, of course, can be sprinkled on top, but inside the omelet it is guaranteed to form a delicious alloy with vegetables, and not bake dry crust. So that the omelet does not look watery, do not add cream or milk. Vegetables, too, should not be dehydrated, let excess moisture evaporate when roasting. Fry in oil chopped onions and tomatoes (previously, having rid them of juice and seeds), broccoli or cauliflower, crumble the smoked sausage, ham or boiled meat. Pour cheese-egg gold and, when the omelet is taken from below with a crusty crust, add greens, reduce fire to a minimum, cover with a lid. Send the oven in a preheated oven to 150 degrees for five minutes until it is completely baked. Carefully watch that it does not burn out, buddy.
The fragrant and hot fritate is amazing. But it will also go well for a sweet soul and in a cooled form. If it remains from breakfast, of course.


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